Cork City Council commissioned a film to tell the story of the Hegarty family and the roles they played in the Irish War of Independance.

Funded by Cork City Council and the Hegarty family, filming of “The Hegartys of the Laurels” began in early 2024 and is due to be released in  April 2024.

It is being filmed in various locations around Cork City and County including in the Hegarty home, “The Laurels” on Pouladuff Road.


The Cast & Crew

A very dedicated and enthusiastic production crew led by Producer Maurice Dineen have been working hard to create and develop a script to portray the story of the Hegarty family and their comrades.

Auditions were held in 2023 for the main roles with more than 20 actors offered roles in the film.



Release Date

The film is due for release on Saturday 13th April in Cork City Hall.

This date will coincide with the Cork Lifelearning Festival at which “The Hegartys of the Laurels” was launched in 2022.




On Thursday 25th January 2024, The Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Kieran McCarthy paid a visit to the set of The Hegartys of the Laurels.

Many thanks to The Evening Echo for their coverage which has generated huge interest in the Film


The Laurels


The Lord Mayor of Cork on Set

Behind the scenes

Screenwriter Elizabeth Scanlan gives us a look beind the scenes during filming in The Laurels and on Spike Island