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The Hegarty Collection includes stories and artifacts from the Irish War of Independence.

Military and pension records revealed the roles that the Hegarty Family played in the  fight for freedom.

To preserve these records and to tell their story, Jim put pen to paper and wrote “The Hegartys of the Laurels”.

The crucial roles that siblings John Joe, Nan and Mamie Hegarty played in the War of Independence have finally been uncovered and their heroism has been recognised.




Each of the Hegarty siblings put their lives at risk on many occasions and documents in the Military archives have revealed details of the their activities.

With the support of their parents Patrick & Elizabeth (née Walsh from Grenagh), they used their home as an arms dump, bomb factory and intelligence hub.

Read each of their incredible stories here….

Mamie Hegarty

Nan Hegarty




The story of the Hegarty Family has resonated with many families around Ireland and has helped to generate an interest in the turbulent history of those times.

Several new projects to commemorate the bravery of many unsung heroes have been commissioned especially those that acknowledge the role played by women.




The Book Launch

In April 2022, Cork City Library very generously hosted the launch of the “The Hegartys of the Laurels” as part of their Lifelong Learning Festival


The Memorial Garden

The Togher Historical Association and Ballyphehane Tidy Towns honoured Nan & Mamie Hegarty



The Film

As part of their Decade of Commemorations, Cork City Council have sponsored the production of a film to tell the story of the Hegarty Family and the roles they played in the Irish War of Independence.



The Calendar

To acknowledge and celebrate the role of women, Cork City Council have produced a commemorative calendar for 2024 and have included Nan & Mamie Hegarty

The Blog

Thanks to Billy O’Brien and the Togher Historical Association, the story of the Hegarty Family and their family home has been documented in their blog.


The Decade of Centeneries charts the historical development of Ireland from 1912 to 1923, a decade which was the most turbulent and transformative experienced by Ireland in the 20th century.

The Irish Government designated the period 2012 to 2023 for a commemorative programme of activities 


While researching and writing “The Hegartys of the Laurels”, many other stories emerged and long forgotten cconnections to the Hegarty Family are being  rediscovered.

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